Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fast Slow Stored procedure
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Re: [firebird-support] Fast Slow Stored procedure Hi!

Any chances that the procedure sometimes is finding a lot garbage to collect?

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What are the possible reason for a SP that normally runs in approx 20 seconds then Occasionally takes 15 minutes, (or a method of trying to find the cause of the problem).

Firebird Details
Server Version: WI-V2.5.5.26952 Firebird 2.5 32 bit Superserver, CpuAffinityMask = 1 in firebird.conf

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Processor Intel Xeon CPU E5530 @ 2,4 GHz Quad CPU
Memory 12.0 GB

Accessing DB using IBObjects components (TIBStoredProc)

Available tools IBExpert

Thanks for any help