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Author liviuslivius
Vlad say about RAM not HDD test
you can use for test RAM memory any tool
e.g. you can use Microsoft tool - run START type "mdsched.exe" and enter
Karol Bieniaszewski
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Dear Vlad,

Thank you for the info.

Hardware problem ? Well, few months ago we have tried chkdsk, but there is no error on disk.


Christine Sanjaya - MIS

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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Database Corrupt ?

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Your glibc seems ok (a bit outdated, but not critical)

> 4. MemTotal: 7911216 kB (8 GB)

I mean - could you run memory test to ensure your RAM is ok ?
Random corruptions of different databases could be sign of hardware problem (not necessary, but

> 5. Here is a part of my less /proc/cpuinfo - Is it weird that I have 4 GHz but the cpu MHz just 800 Mhz ?

It is OK, while CPU is not 100% buzy


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