Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: [FB 2.1] Firebird engine seems to slow down on high load without utilizing hardware
Author liviuslivius
>>1) We do monitor the transaction gab and if needed, we interact. 
how often and how? By MON$ tables or you read header page?
>>2) We do run gbak daily. We do not use nbackup - we would like to and tried it but it's corrupting the db.
and this slowdown is not in time of backup i suppose? 
Will be good if you can test this corruption scenario on newer firebird version - especially on FB3.
And send us your feedback.
>>3) We do use read-only readcommited transactions with record versioning as much as we can.
>>Otherwise, same Settings but not read-only.
More questions:
1. as Shane ask what is your CPU utilization % but per core?
2. how do you checked that your system slowdown? Some queries are slower or all queries are slower.
Did you run some monitoring throught MON$ tables ten?
3. and same as Shane ask - how often do you run manual sweep? And did you consider to change FB to newer version
In new version sweep was optimized and do not visit unnescessary pages. page contain now flag if sweep is needed.
4. What is your TempCacheLimit?
5. and i am also interested about disc test with cristalmark
Karol Bieniaszewski