Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connecting to Firebird database from two or more pc with same username
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> On 14/04/2016 08:26, 'Thomas Steinmaurer' ts@...
> [firebird-support] wrote:
>> With a single user you basically can't distinguish people on the
>> server side through CURRENT_USER etc.
> We use one Firebird user for the web server, and then one each for each
> of several batch processes, so if we poke around in the database we can
> see at least which part of the system any problematic (eg very long
> running) user sessions or transactions or queries belong to.

Yep. If one want to have some sort of client login/user available on the server-side, which might be totally different to the Firebird user used upon connect time, a common approach is to put that login name into a context variable via RDB$SET_CONTEXT(...) and query that in context of the connection with RDB$GET_CONTEXT(...). Needless to say, for pooled connections in a middleware, one needs to take care of updating the context variable value which each connection aquisition.

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