Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connecting to Firebird database from two or more pc with same username
Author Luigi Siciliano

Il 14/04/2016 09.26, 'Thomas Steinmaurer' ts@... [firebird-support] ha scritto:

I guess you mean with the same Firebird user name? Or are you using Windows trusted authentication?

Oops, sorry. I mean the same Firebird username.
I notice that in an LAN with three users, all users was authenticated with the same Firebird username at the same time!
I did not notice any malfunction, but I doubt that it is not safe and is the bearer of impending problems on the data.

In general this is fine of course, even many people are using SYSDBA for regular connects, although this is not a good idea from a security perspective.

Ok but, as you say, and if I understand correctly, it is safe and Firebird is imperishable its data, even if it gets the data from different PCs at the same time and with the same FB user name. It's right?

With a single user you basically can't distinguish people on the server side through CURRENT_USER etc.

I have however, suggested to everyone to change this behaviour and connect to Firebird database with the username assigned them by the Database Administrator.


Luigi Siciliano