Subject Re: Re: [firebird-support] [FB 2.1] Firebird engine seems to slow down on high load without utilizing hardware
Author liviuslivius
>>not sure how you can survive with superserver :)
>>I can't see that working with our kind of load (realtime-data-processing, reports, mostly write IOPS)
>>It's a long time ago (Fb 1.5) since we used superserver but we didn't have the best time with it back then.
I do not know what is your database for
but we have monitoring database where we move all older than 3 day data to monthly archive databases.
Then any raports created are fast on working database and slow down in archive.
Archive databases are on different server. Then we never do large raport on big data on production server.

>>But currently this is not about switching the server-version. More about undestanding why the server is not using the provided hardware :)
>>Also it reads kinda strange if you talk about high load, but always have low cpu usage :)
i have high load with low cpu.
When i mean load i think about IO.
I have many record modifications/insert but cpu near to never increase above 50% of core.
Maybe you have much more load i have 17 000 000 new records stored into database and one new record cause 1 to many updates to existing records.
if we calc than we have 196 record per second (if i cal this correctly) - i do not know what is your load to compare.
All work fast - and only system slow down, when backup start.
But backup is fast because we do backup to RAM disk and then automatically we move this backup to another server where automatically db is restored to check if db is healthy
Karol Bieniaszewski