Subject Re: help to repair a corrupted database
thanks for the replies, a little unrelated question: in this topic what does the replies with only 'checking' related words mean?

gfix was correctly running, it finished in 2 hours but the database is still corrupted, i try also with the -full command line argument but it didn't repair the db.
now i'm executing the -mend command

in my firebird.log i have a lot of log as:

internal Firebird consistency check (cannot find record back version (291), file: dpm.cpp line: 1189)
INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

and something related to my table named NODES

Chain for record 8163 is broken in table NODES (133)
Index 4 is corrupt on page 888411 level 1. File: ..\..\..\src\jrd\validation.cpp, line: 1709
in table NODES (133)
Page 4327362 is an orphan

from this logs is it possible to know what can be the cause of the corruption? for example some query with a bad locking type or something wrong in the firebird configuration (i'm using the default settings)