Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird V3RC2 Primary Key question
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 7-4-2016 23:01, Ertan Küçükoğlu ertan.kucukoglu@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> Would you be so kind to provide an example SQL which shows how to do
> primary key with a case insensitive collation?

1. Register the WIN1254_UNICODE collation (it is defined in fbintl.conf,
but not included by default in Firebird):

create collation WIN1254_UNICODE for win1254

2. Derive a case insensitive collation from WIN1254_UNICODE:

create collation win1254_ci for win1254 from win1254_unicode case

3. Create table

create table win1254test (
stringkey varchar(30) character set win1254 primary key collate

4. Test it:

INSERT INTO win1254test(stringkey) VALUES('EK'); -- succeeds
INSERT INTO win1254test(stringkey) VALUES('ek'); -- fails
INSERT INTO win1254test(stringkey) VALUES('Ek'); -- fails
INSERT INTO win1254test(stringkey) VALUES('eK'); -- fails

I hope this helps,
Mark Rotteveel