Subject Re: [firebird-support] How can I prevent that my database can be opened with another security.fdb.
Author Norman Dunbar
I would suggest that the best way to prevent anyone getting hold of your database and opening it with a separate security database is to have good security & physical protection on your server, limited access to the server room (if appropriate) and so on. Normal security precautions in other words.

Keep all your backups safe and secure as well. These can be used against you also. You might want to consider encrypting them with something like GPG before sending them off-site - if that's what you would do in a production environment - or even storing them on-site where they might be accessible by "too many" people.

Just a few thoughts.



On 7 April 2016 16:02:10 BST, "'Mueller, Roland (GE87)' Roland.Mueller@... [firebird-support]" <> wrote:

Hi all

How can I prevent that my database can be opened with another security.fdb.


For testing we use firebird 3.


We use our database as its own security database.

If we copy our database to another Firebird installation it

is possible to open it with sysdba and masterkey.

Is there a way to prevent The use of another security.fdb.


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