Subject Re: Python FDB Driver, Dialect 3 and NUMERIC
Author Ray Cote

On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 9:58 AM, Ray Cote <rgacote@...> wrote:
I’ve run into a problem while porting code over from the old  KInterbasDB library to the new FDB Python library. Receiving the error “-817 Metadata update statement not allowed any the current database SQL dialect 3” when attempting to create a table with NUMERIC(15, 3). 

My understanding is that this statement is fine for dialect 3, and should store as a BIGINT (page 135 of The Firebird Book). This code has been working fine with KInterbasDB. 

If I change NUMERIC(15,3) to NUMERIC(9,3) the code runs properly. 
Perhaps there’s something I’ve not set to allow the BIGINT storage? 

As some self-followup, I know there can be issues with NUMERIC precisions 10 and over between dialects 1 and 3 — as per this note from Helen Borrie:

But I’m pretty sure I’m running dialect 3 here. 
Tried creating the database and then re-connecting while setting sql_dialect parameter to 3. Get same error. 
The SQL runs fine in the isql client — just failing through FDB driver.

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