Subject RE: [firebird-support] How write a query with a progressive sum field
Author Leyne, Sean
> I'm sure, IBReplicator does its job very well. I simply noted that V3 RC should
> be treated as not production-ready (like any other RC in Firebird's history),
> but perhaps the Firebird project philosophy changed.

It has not!

RC releases should not be used for production purposes.

> > If he is able to write queries to the database, he knows for sure
> > which tables he needs. Extract definitions of these tables in
> > FlameRobin or IBExpert is easy. Create a new database with these
> > tables inside and copy data for these tables is also easy. After that setting
> up replication will take less than an hour, including reading of manual.
> Na, replication is an additional (complex) layer, which needs to be
> maintained, monitored etc ...

Exactly my point!

"Hacks" don't require consideration of these issue, "solutions" need to consider all factors (including, for many like BroadView, deployment/configuration considerations for client/install sites).

This mailing list is about providing input/answers for solutions, not hacks.