Subject Re: [firebird-support] When do I need the FB 3 client libs?
Author Helen Borrie
Saturday, March 5, 2016, 7:54:59 AM, galdarius wrote:

> >In Firebird 3, compression is OFF by default. You can enable it
> in firebird.conf (parameter WireCompression = true).
> ~Carlos H. CantĂș.

> The main question is what about the password and how do it.

You hijacked someone else's thread, which was about wire compression,
not passwords.

> Seems that nobody knows and no information on release notes.

Not true. Full instructions are in Chapter 12. You are looking at a
completely new authentication system in Firebird 3.

> Can you please solve this two simple questions?

> 1- Encrypted database can be delivered with my application without
> any configuration? (same question for personal user and password,
> different from SYSDBA/masterkey) Just install, easy as older versions?

Easy, but different. You need to get your head around the new method.
> 2- How to encrypt on FB3? (i know that we need to build our own encryption, but how?)

One method of password encryption is enabled by default in Fb 3. That
one is simple - read the notes in Ch. 12 for instructions to get
started with it.

Database encryption requires writing plug-ins, either from scratch or to
interface with an existing DATA encryption scheme. Fb 3 does not come with
any ready-made scheme - just the sockets for the plug-ins. It is over
to third-party developers to develop and market such things. It is
NOT a "simple question" at all.

I know that Dmitry Sibiryakov is actively working on an
encryption/decryption scheme. I have not heard of any others, so far.