Subject Re: [firebird-support] When do I need the FB 3 client libs?
Author esdonisgarcia
> Hi,
> I wonder when to use the new client libs. For getting more concrete: I run
> a web server with apache using the FB 2.5 client libs to access the FB 3.0
> RC 2 server. Is that constellation OK or are there benefits by using the
> 3.0 client libs? Same for access via Flamerobin.
> Regards
> Martin

I happen to me almost the same, I want to install linux FB3 RC2 32 bit and
have not found anything to manage FB3 RC2 32 bit linux.

Someone could I graphic tool that can be used to manage FB3 RC2 in linux?

so far I have used flamerobin, but I see they are updated for FB3 in 32 bit

Best Regards
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