Subject AW: [firebird-support] differences between firebird 2.5 cs and 3.0 rc2 ss
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I’ve postet my problems with the new odbc driver and firebird 2.5 cs, the slow queries and all other issus. Now I have installed the firebird 3.0 rc2, the performance is great, superservers takes all cpu-cores and the problems now banned. I have not changed anything, is this a result of the superserver or the version 3 of firebird?


Both.  Firebird V3 introduces parallel execution of queries in SuperServer.  SuperServer was always multi-threaded but only one thread could run at any one time even on a multi-processor server.  The benefit of threading in earlier versions was that queries could be interleaved, so a long report didn't block all other requests.  With V3, thread do run in parallel taking advantage of all the processing power of a multi-core machine.


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