Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help to install FB 64 bit
Author Helen Borrie
Re: [firebird-support] Help to install FB 64 bit Sunday, February 14, 2016, 8:04:25 PM, Weston Bell wrote:

I have been using FB 32 but without problems but I need to shift to 64 bit and I find cannot install it nor can I install the  64 bit ODBC.
I have a 64 bit machine using Windows 10.
The repeated error message is that user name etc is undefined despite using the standard SYSDBA and password.

Well, you installed it (whatever it is), otherwise it wouldn't be sending
you error messages.  You need to tell us which VERSION of the full server
you installed.  If you dived in feet first with Firebird 3
(which is not a release) then your authentication problem is due to the
remodelled architecture and specifically the new authentication model.

I have managed to get the embedded server to work but not the 64 bit standard server.

Unsurprising, since embedded connections bypass authentication in all
versions.  If you downloaded a separate kit for embedded then it won't
be Firebird 3, anyway. In Fb3, all models are integrated in one executable
and the models are differentiated by configuration settings and access

Once working will I still be able to access the 32 bit databases that I have used up to
"Bitnees" isn't an issue in databases, since they are created in the
file system.  If they were created on anything XP or greater then they
a;ready use 64-bit i/o.

However, if you intend to plough on with Firebird 3, you will need to
*upgrade* your databases, because the On-disk Structure (ODS) changes
with a major release.  You will also need to study the release notes

On the issue of 64-bit vs 32-bit *applications* and interfaces...if your client
application is 32-bit then you need the 32-bit fbclient.dll and the 32-bit ODBC
driver.  A 32-bit client connects to a 64-bit server just fine.