Subject Re: [firebird-support] High Availability Firebird
Author Matthew
Hi Alex,

Thanks for that link - I was aware of HQBird, and while it is interesting I was trying to keep the solution OpenSource (which was why I mentioned Pacemaker and HAProxy) - our solution cannot justify (at the moment) the $1K+ price tag of HQBird.

As a further "prompt" to everyone - does anyone have any experience using Firebird with a shared datastore such as Ceph?

You see, the thing is we can use MySQL in a HA configuration right now (using all OpenSource software) and I can't believe that we can't do it with Firebird - which is a way better product than MySQL :)


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Please take a look

Alexey Kovyazin


Hi Everyone,

First, I apologise if this isn't the correct group - please forgive me.

I'm trying to find some contemporary (ie from in the last 24 months /
Firebird 3.0+) info/documentation on using Firebird in a High
Availability configuration. What I'm thinking is using Firebird on a
pair of Centos7 Servers with Pacemaker and/or HAProxy.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction - thanks