Subject RE: {Disarmed} Re: [firebird-support] Number of concurrent user connections
Author Louis van Alphen
It is good practice to only have an open connection to the DB when you need to access or update data. So you have to design your application to, when a request from client is received:

- create and open a connection to the DB (this usually comes from the connection pool)

- select the data your need

- update the data

- close the connection and return it to the pool

It’s a bad idea to keep DB connection permanently open while your app is open. In this way your connection is open for a very short period of time and you can service many user requests with a relatively small number of simultaneous open connections to the DB


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Sent: 27 October 2016 04:12 PM
Subject: Re: {Disarmed} Re: [firebird-support] Number of concurrent user connections

> I was looking on FaceBook 'sDATA storage and MySQL !!!
> For sure millions simultaneous Users connected !!!

I would guess nobody is running an database server with millions of
connections simultaneously open.

On huge Systems as Facebook there are some application servers between
users and database which do serialize database access to an lower number
of connections - it does not make sense to let DB server process
millions of queries simultaneously since the hardware has not that much


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