Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reviving an old firebird database (file conversion/programming hints)
Author Urs Liska

Am 13.10.2016 um 10:18 schrieb Elmar Haneke elmar@... [firebird-support]:

> 1)
> I assume on LInux (Debian based Mint version and an Ubuntu flavor) I
> install a variant of the server (in the repository I find the 2.5
> variants, but I'd be also happy installing a downloaded 3.0 instead).
> Then I need a generic DB manager like e.g. Flamerobin to do general
> operations and basic DB editing. Or is it equally possible to do that in
> the terminal?
> Is that correct?

That's mostly correct. 64Bit Firebird might be unable to open old
database - I came to tha Problem with an FB 1.5 database moving to FB 2.5.

In that case you have to install either 32Bit package or an old package.

> 2)
> How can I determine the version of my existing database file? And how
> can I convert that to a current one in the expected case it isn't
> compatible with my current installation? There is only the .fdb file and
> no backup available.

Once accessible FlameRobin can tell you the version of datafile.

To convert to current database you have to create an backup and restore.


So that boils down to having to try out different versions of Firebird until I find one that can open the DB?