Subject Re: [firebird-support] Access Violation Memory From IBEXPERT
Author Helen Borrie
Monday, October 3, 2016, 4:35:25 PM, Christine Sanjaya wrote:
> Have you guys ever seen this kind of error message while accessing
> data from ibexpert ? What should I do when seeing this error ?
> I tried to backup and restore the database. I still cannot access the records from ibexpert.
> Error Message:
> ----------------------------------------
> Access violation at address 0094CD3C in module 'ibexpert.exe'
> ..etc..
This is due to a programming error in the IBExpert application, not
a fault in your database.

However, it is (perhaps) conceivable that you are trying to access a
Firebird database using an InterBase client (or vice versa). Or
possibly a 32-bit client with a 64-bit IBExpert, or vice versa.

Contact IBExpert support, telling them about your problem and
providing details of your Firebird (or IB) version, the client library
you are using with IBExpert and your operating system.

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Questions about third-party tools are off-topic here. You can ask
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