Subject Forced writes on Linux?
Author Tim Ward
I know the folklore around forced writes

- turning forced writes on is safer
- turning forced writes on is slower
- the safety bit is much more of an issue with Windows than with Linux,
to the extent that it used not to work on Linux and nobody noticed for

But I haven't found any actual, y'know, like, data, evidence, so on.
Things like (with reference to Linux, I'm not interested in Windows):

(1) Is there any data about how much slower it is, eg has anyone done
any benchmark runs on their systems? - I've found just one blog entry
somewhere with a number ("up to three times slower") but without any
(published) data behind it.

(2) Is there any evidence about how much safer it is? Statistics on
corruptions with and without? Analysis of individual database corruption
events showing whether turning on forced writes would or would not have
prevented the corruption event?


Tim Ward