Subject Re: [firebird-support] Small Database with very very bad performance on LAN
Author Luigi Siciliano

Il 08/01/2016 16.30, Thomas Steinmaurer ts@...
[firebird-support] ha scritto:
> You have to sort out where your current bottleneck is.
> Can you pin-point it to a particular query or is performance in general
> bad? With Firebird 2.5, you have quite some monitoring amory, e.g.
> monitoring tables (tables starting with MON$...) or the Trace API.

The performance is bad in general, the navigation on a tables are too slow.

I find the problem, it's me that i used ZeosLib property "SortedFields"
on a TQuery" component.

> Increase "Page buffers" to e.g. 10000 (e.g. with gfix command-line
> tool), then re-connect your client application and see if this helps.
Before I Find the problem, seems not helps, it's a bit well but not helps.

> There is other tuning stuff,
I'm reading the Firebird Book written by Helen Borrie to understand the
usage of FB but is hard reading over 1000 pages when the software must
be ready for yesterday ;)

There are some other pages to read for undestrand the tuning of FB?

> getting a big picture on your slow statements, their
> execution plan probably pointing to missing indexes ... is a good start.

This helped me to find the problem.

> Good luck.

Thank you
Luigi Siciliano