Subject Re: Error on Gfix
> ---In, <jsistox@...> wrote :
> I'm using Firebird 2.5.x and the command gfix -v -full returned:
> Summary of validation errors
> Number of record level errors : 3
> Number of database page errors : 1993
> What I have to do in order to fix it, without a backup/restore? I read in "Firebird Documentation" that the
> command gfix -v -full will fix the orphan pages and record level erros, however, every time when i ran
> "gfix -v -full" is returned the error above.

  gfix will correct orphan pages if and only if there were no other errors. Strongly speaking, "orphan pages"
is not error - in the sense that it not affect database operations. So, there is no strong need to fix it ASAP.


PS In fb3 we divided all inconsistencies detectable by validation (gfix) by "errors" and "warnings".
All kind of "warnings" are not affect correctness of database operation