Subject Re: [firebird-support] Securing database against corruption on systems that suddenly get turned off
Author Lester Caine
On 22/09/15 10:31, Glenn Thomas Hvidsten glhv@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> Thanks for all the suggestions so far.
> We have already put some of our clients computers on UPS. I'm still interested in other settings we can enable (or disable) to make the database server more robust without having to add a UPS.

This brings back a few memories from 20 years ago. Has a site that kept
loosing the whole days data after working perfectly during the day, and
printing off the reports. This was back in Interbase days ;) It took a
couple of weeks and a bit of luck to spot the cleaner pulling the plug
marked 'do not remove' so she could plug in her vacuum! She just reached
around the corner without even looking and pulled the first plug she
felt. Pigging annoying, and a hard wired supply was arranged, but why
did ALL the data go you should be asking? Windows was caching the writes
to disk and did not ACTUALLY write anything until the program was
closed! EVEN with 'forced writes' switched on. Forget which version of
windows now but probably W3.1. We added some extra code and started
closing the program after a report run and things were then stable
enough that one could pull the plug during the day and restart without
only an occasional corruption.

We moved most sites onto XP early on in it's life, and that just ran and
ran even with the occasional power loss. Would I trust modern windows to
be as reliable ... NO ... since moving to W7 sites all have at least one
problem a month even with UPS's! I've had to repair a database more than
once and have lost data so I think at least on Windows one is stuck with
the risk ...

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