Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using variables in ESQL select statement
Author setysvar
Den 21.09.2015 19:12, skrev john_b_bishop@... [firebird-support]:
> We have tables and fields in a database which we need to create audit
> logs for (any changes to fields require the audit table to be written to).
> However, we do not want to create specific trigger statements for each
> table. Rather we want to get a list of the fields in the table from
> the db schema and then query the fields OLD and NEW parameters before
> writing the updated (or insert or delete).
> We can get the field names, however we can't prepend NEW. and OLD. to
> the field names and then test. We only want to write changed fields to
> the audit log, not every field. We also don't want to have to change
> specific statements each time a change is made to the DB structure
> (hence getting the field names from the schema each time).
> Any idea how we can achieve this?
Don't know if it fits your needs, but have you considered IB LogManager
from Upscene?