Subject Re: [firebird-support] HUGE Log File
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:14 a.m. 15/09/2015, chubmasterp@... [firebird-support] wrote:

>Im no IT guy so bear with me. I have a 2009 iMac running os x 10.8 It has a 640 gb hard drive. Firebird.log is taking up 424 gb. I have a digital X-ray program that uses firebird as it's framework. They deny they are the culprit. It uses only 8 gb of space.

Well, in a sense, they are right - it's your log file, not theirs. The log file records things going wrong between clients and the server, mostly. For troubleshooting network faults, it at least provides clues as to what might be going wrong. OTOH, a 4GiB log file over 6 years doesn't necessarily indicate anything severe enough to stop the world. Typically, one message is about 80 bytes, more or less. I'm surprised your software provider didn't advise you just to delete it.

> The log is contstantly being written to. What going on.

It is meant to be constantly written to - it's a log file!

> Can I trash the log file?

Yes. If the server doesn't find firebird.log, it simply creates a new one. I suggest renaming it to (or whatever you like) initially, only because I'm not sure how your filesystem would react to an immediate rm on a file that is open for write. If you can't rename it, you'll need to stop the Firebird server, remove the file, then restart Firebird.

In future, you might like to consider renaming the log file regularly, as a step in your regular housekeeping, and letting Firebird start with a fresh one. Decide what's the maximum tolerable size (say, one week's worth, just a few Kb). There's no need to hang on to these old logs indefinitely, though - they are just history.