Subject RE: [firebird-support] About firebird performance
Author Leyne, Sean
> Hi Hector,
> > I discovered something else quite interesting:
> >
> > I realized both IB and FB dbs have pagebuffers set to 100.000. I changed FB
> to 0 and now it works like I expected!!..
> > Same query now completes on FB on 50 sec. It seems this is the problem
> although I don't understand why.
> 100 000 is too high for Firebird SuperServer, it should be set to 10000.

While the value is high, depending on the database page size it should not cause the issue reported.


Please advise on:

- the page size of the database? (FB and IB)

- once you have completed the test, how much memory is being used/allocated to the FB/IB engine process?

- are you running the test after a fresh restart of the VMs?