Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: unable to complete network request localhost
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:52 a.m. 25/08/2015, thirdshiftcoder@... [firebird-support] wrote:

>I have one more curiosity... I lied actually many more-
>why is fedora insisting in package manager to install embedded. Even when i try to get rid of it fedora chooses to uninstall other files which I canceled and not do?
>could this be part of the problem that i have both embedded AND other client libfbclient!

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what you are achieving with all your little tweaks.
On Fb 2.5, encompasses both the full server and the embedded. To use it as embedded, you simply omit the server from the connection string and the client then opens the database file directly.

When you make a network connection, you are starting up as a network wouldn't normally be doing this on the same box as the host. Of course, you can do so. **** Network clients (including localhost) can't connect if xinetd isn't running. ****

The firebird user should be already existing after a standard installation. It's not a user that should be used by a human. If the firebird group doesn't exit, you should create it and add any OS users you want to have access to the server. Don't create an OS user called firebird or SYSDBA. SYSDBA exists in the firebird security database after you run the installation scripts, with a password generated and stored in the /firebird root in the text file SYSDBA.password. The root user has the same privs on the server and in databases as SYSDBA.

Any OS user you want to create (other than those) will act like Firebird users and have the same privileges as a regular Firebird user (usually none!)

Another thing you perhaps don't understand is that each connection to Classic is a separate process that starts on connect and disappears on disconnect. This is unlike Superserver, where a server process runs and listens for clients itself. When it attaches a client, it creates a thread for it.

As for what Fedora is playing at, I have no idea. I use Ubuntu and I always install from the tarball and run the scripts. So no help from me on that.