Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 2.5.1 upgrade dilemma
Author setysvar
Den 22.08.2015 15:26, skrev Dmitry Yemanov dimitr@...
> 22.08.2015 16:06, tvdien@... wrote:
>> Rebuilding the indices is not the issue. It's just that the warning
>> implies that rebuilding the whole database is really better than just
>> rebuilding the indices. Am I still at any kind of risk if I just rebuild
>> the indices? What is the worst thing that could happen?
> Rebuilding indices is absolutely OK, no risk implied.
> Dmitry
I think what is required is to rebuild all compound indexes, that is all
indexes (possibly including primary key, foreign key, unique key etc.)
that consists of more than one field (hence indexes on single fields
need not be rebuilt). I don't know whether this is related to (and therefore, only
applicable for indexes on fields having some form of text), or whether
it is a different error (involving all compound indexes).