Subject Re: FB does table scan as soon as I use left outer join in view - why?
Author Dmitry Yemanov
20.08.2015 16:53, 'Louis van Alphen' wrote:

> The same thing happens in many other queries where I use views and IMHO
> I find it non-sensical. I have come to the conclusion that FB does not
> choose great query plans when using views.

True, when views contain outer joins.

> It is really hard to tune queries if the results _/seem/_ unpredictable
> and there are no visibilty in how FB executes the query.

Plan shows how the query is being executed.

> Help would be appreciated

Something like:

select S.*
left join SKIN S on S.ID = COLL.SKIN_ID
where S.ID is not null

i.e. fake the left join to get the correct join order