Subject RE: [firebird-support] Upgrade Firebird 1.5.3 to 2.5.4 - Using 2.5.4 FB Client to access a 1.5.3 DB database (Follow-Up)
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:36 a.m. 30/07/2015, 'stwizard' stwizard@... [firebird-support] wrote:

>The new Windows 2012 R2 64 bit server will have the 64 bit Firebird server v2.5.4 install on it (But alternately may have Firebird 32 bit server installed instead based on the answers given below).
>All client work stations are Windows 7 64 bit and currently have the Firebird 1.5.3 32 bit fbclient.dll installed on them and they all currently use the Windows 2003 32 bit server with Firebird 1.5.3 Server running on it. The application written in Delphi XE5 that connects to the Firebird server is currently a 32 bit application. Will be a ways down the road before releasing a 64 bit version of the application.
>So questions:
>1) Since the application is a 32 bit application, should I install the 32 bit version of the Firebird server or is it OK to install the 64 bit Firebird server on the Windows 2012 R2 64 bit server?

The 32-bit clients can access the 64-bit server.

>2) If I should be installing the 32 bit version of Firebird Server on the Windows 2012 R2 64 bit server, then I would assume I would uninstall the current 1.5.3 32 bit Firebird Client and install the new 2.5.4 32 bit Firebird client, right?

Just trying to sort out what you're asking here. You use a 32-bit client with a 32-bit application. So you'll want the 64-bit client on the *server* to use the shipped tools locally.

You don't have to "uninstall" the client library, just delete it (or rename it, if there's a reason you want to keep it). The v.2.5.4 client will communicate with any database <= ODS 11.2.

If you want to run the shipped tools on the 64-bit client boxes, you'll need the 64-bit client there, too. So put the tools and the 64-bit client and firebird.msg together in a folder that your PATH variable doesn't know about.

> If I was to install a 64 bit Firebird client on the Windows 7 workstations, would it work with either a 32 bit or 64 bit firebird server on the Windows 2012 R2 server?


> And would the 64 bit Firebird client on the Windows 7 workstations, work with the 32 bit 1v.5.3 firebird server on the old Windows 2003 32 server?

Yes. But the 64-bit client won't work with your 32-bit applications. The client belongs to the client layer, not the server layer.

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