Subject Re: Rif: [firebird-support] Chararacter set NONE to ISO8859_1
Author Aldo Caruso
So, to be conservative, let's use the original process as recommended by the book.
Thank you.

El 25/07/15 a las 05:45, Mark Rotteveel mark@... [firebird-support] escibiĆ³:

On 24-7-2015 21:37, Aldo Caruso aldo.caruso@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> In the process of moving the data back and forth, using a temporary
> field of the right character set, you have to drop the original field an
> then recreate it.
> The process of dropping a field is a bit nasty because you have first to
> comment all the strored procedures and triggers in which this field is
> used, drop the field, and then uncomment those stored procedures and
> triggers.
> I wonder if the following strategy has any pitfall:
> 1) Create the temporary field of the right character set
> 2) Fill it with data, using CAST to OCTETS as suggested by "The Firebird
> Book"
> 3) Alter the original field type, changing it to the right character set
> 4) Fill it with data from the temprorary field
> 5) Drop the temporary field
> Notice that only the 2nd step could raise conversion errors, and you
> have to manage them there.
> In the 4th step no error could occur since both fields are of the same
> type and character set.

That would probably work, but you might have to recreate triggers, views
and stored procedures anyway. I am not sure if the generated BLR
contains assumptions/behavior based on the original format.

Mark Rotteveel