Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 3 and Gbak
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:49 a.m. 17/07/2015, Hugo Eyng hugoeyng@... [firebird-support] wrote:
>I am trying to use my application while gbak makes backup, but a message
>is raised 'File alredy in use by another'.
>Running on Vista.

This question is about a beta and is off-topic on firebird-support. Until the full release, please post your future Fb3 questions in firebird-devel or firebird-test.

My guess is you are using Superserver. Superserver on Windows blocks connections to a database from other server processes - this has always been the case, as a solution to a perpetual problem regarding the interpretation of file paths on Windows.

Under Fb3's new unified model, there is no more "Windows local" or "serverless" connection to a full server running in Superserver mode. If you attempt a serverless connection, you are actually trying to start up an embedded server. With your application running, the SS already has active connections to the database. When you try to connect to it with your embedded server, you get the error you saw, because of that file lock.

Run your backup as a Superserver client.
Try this first:
gbak -b hostname:db_alias d:\path\to\backupfile -u username -pass whatever

If you get an error with that then try with the full service manager syntax:

gbak -b -se hostname:service_mgr db_alias d:\path\to\backupfile -u username -pass whatever

You should be able to use localhost: as the hostname on Vista; otherwise, use the machine's network name.

Oh - and READ THE RELEASE NOTES. There's a whole chapter on the new engine model and Chapter 12 is a rollup of compatibility issues.

If you getting this error while running your server is Classic or Superclassic mode, you have a different problem that you should ask about in firebird-devel.