Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird migration to increase perfomances
Author Stef
Hi Set

Yes this is 100% thank you so much.

See the query time below mine compared to yours. Note specifically the
execute time.

My Query

Query Time


Prepare : 31.00 ms

Execute : 15 828.00 ms

Avg fetch time : 465.53 ms

Your Query

Query Time


Prepare : 15.00 ms

Execute : 282.00 ms

Avg fetch time : 8.29 ms



Does this get you the right result?

By the way, I'm positively surprised if the performance improved from almost
16 seconds to 0.16 seconds, I'd hoped for up to a 10-fold improvement, not
100-fold. I'm sure you didn't mean 0.16 milliseconds, Firebird is simply not
that quick.


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