Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird migration to increase perfomances
Author Svein Erling Tysvær

>Hi all,


> some years ago I developed a web application based on Interbase, Win98, PHP, Apache. During those yeas has been lightly updated with lase

>release of software, now the we application (10 users) use the follow:


>Microsoft Server 2012 (64bit)

>Apache 2.0

>PHP 5.4

>Firebird SQL 1.5 (3 databases, 250 Mbyte the bigger one)


>The application works very well, but I'm asking to the mailing list if it possible to have more performance considering the database side without

>make a big software refactoring. Which release do you suggest? What will be the percentage of performances get?


There can be lots of reasons for a database application being slow. If the database have huge tables, and the application is written thinking in terms of tables as opposed to datasets, then things will be slow regardless of Firebird version. If it is one particular query that is slow, you may be lucky with the optimizer working better on 2.5, but the correct way to fix things would still be to change the query. You may also experience the opposite when upgrading, i.e. that a query that works great on Fb 1.5, are slower on 2.5. And there are lots of other things that can make a database application slow.


Firebird 2.5 is generally better than Firebird 1.5, so a general advice would be to upgrade.  However, there’s no “performance factor” that was set to 5 in Fb 1.5 and 8 in Fb 2.5 and you’ve told us too little about your situation for us to give you any good advice. Some things will be quicker, some may be slower. ‘It works very well, how can I improve with minimum changes?’ is an almost impossible question to answer without more information regardless of whether you’re talking about databases, playing soccer or cooking.