Subject Re: Maximum Number of Connections 2.5.3
Author Dmitry Yemanov
02.06.2015 03:51, firebirdbestsql@... [firebird-support] wrote:

> There seems to be contradictory information about maximum number of
> simultaneous distinct user connections to Firebird. This document:
> How many users can connect to Firebird simultaneously?
> <> says there is not limit, except for
> the TCP/IP in the OS.

That article is a bit incorrect. Some TCP stack implementations operate
with a compile-time connection limit. It was hardcoded as 1024 in early
FB versions and as 2048 since v2.5.3.

> However, on the download page of the Firebird home, it clearly lists the
> max number as fixed at : 2048

Yes, this limit was extended. But it was actual only for
SuperServer/SuperClassic builds and only for Windows.

> My app is stateful, must remain open for up to eight hours, and each
> user is distinct, so connection pooling is probably not the answer.
> (Each individual user&# 39;s connection must be kept separate from each
> other). I need to serve 7,000 users. Should I forget about using
> Firebird for this app, and move to MS SQL Server?

I don't see any serious issues speaking against the connection pooling,
this should be doable.

Regardless, there's no connection limit for either Classic Server on
Windows or any FB architecture on Linux/MacOS, so you have a choice.