Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: losing connection with server on a local PC
Author Leyne, Sean
> We are having this same problem.  Looking at our server logs, it appears that
> this issue started for us on May 2nd, and has happened 16 times since
> then.  Before May, our server logs show it happening only about once per
> month.  This server has been in operation since November of 2014.
> A few things I noticed:
> 1) With rare exception, it only seems to happen outside of business
> hours.  Usually in the middle of the night, but sometimes shortly after closing
> or just before opening.  In the 16 instances in May so far, it only happened
> during business hours twice.

Are you using TCP (even loopback/ connection string or local/direct database path?

If TCP, have you checked your system/OS log for network adapter issues? Adapter resets will drop all connections.