Subject RE: [firebird-support] Connection issues
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:45 p.m. 29/05/2015, 'seanspcpower IT Services' tech@... [firebird-supp wrote:

>Please see text of the error message and Firebird log file below.
>Database Error heading: A Database or connection error has occurred!
>Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements.
>Unable to complet e network request to host �servername�
>Failed to establish a connection.
>Unknown Win32 error 10060.

What you're seeing there is an error from the Ostendo application, followed by the error returned to the client in the error status array. The ESA does not "know" the cause of TCP/IP errors - it merely reports the first network error code returned by the TCP/IP subsystem, viz. 10060, which is a connection timeout.

> Specified In: StartupID passed in command line (LIVE)
>Specified Value: SERVER2:C:\Program Files (x86)\Ostendo\Database\LWH\Ostendo.fdb

That's a valid TCP/IP connection string. Did you ping the host name or the IP address? If only the IP address, then double-check that SERVER2 is still the host name of that host machine.

>Additional information from Development-X Web Site
>Firebird service not started on server or the server you are pointing to does not have Firebird installed, The Firebird TCP port used (3050 default) maybe incorrect or blocked, check the server name when pinged comes back with the ip address you expect, if not your DNS maybe incorrect and maybe going to your isp.
>Incorrect computer name or firebird tcp port (3050 default) specified, if computer name is correct make sure is resolves to correct ip address.

Yes, those descriptions pretty much cover the 10060 and 10061 network errors you got in the log. The 10054 error suggests a broken connection at the client side. If you eliminated a bad network card or cable, try disabling the virus scanner and firewall at the client side.

From your original post, I still think someone installed something on the client machine at the weekend that broke its previously working setup, most likely by overwriting the Firebird client library. Candidates would be: a Vipre update or installing ANY free or cheap download product that uses a version of InterBase or Firebird. To try to fix the issue, if it was something overwriting that library then you MUST ask Ostendo support for the name (fbclient.dll vs gds32.dll) and location (system32 or what?) loaded by *that* version of Ostendo.

>8. Only change is the server received security updates for windows and .NET Framework 4.5.2 ov er the weekend and I have since removed these updates
>9. The Ostendo folder is shared and there are no restriction or permission issues

The database location does not need to be shared and, in fact, should NOT be shared. Not that this is a likely source of the problems, UNLESS someone has been trying to interfere from elsewhere on the network, e.g., a filesystem backup application of some sort hitting that share and falling over, leaving a full lock on the database file.

Get back to Ostendo support. I'm certain that they will be able to help you get that installation back to how it was before The Fateful Weekend.