Subject Re: [firebird-support] Memory usage excess / leak in FBServer 2.5.4
Author Alexey Kovyazin
Hi Jojakim,

Can you please do the following - download FBMonLogger trial from
install it, run it, connect to the database and make snapshot  of MON$.
It will grab all information from MON$ tables and store it to the disk (you will be requested to select folder at the first step).
Then please zip it and send to support@... for the investigation.

Alexey Kovyazin




I'm facing a problem where the firebird server v2.5.4 on win 2012 server in superserver mode is leaking memory. Currently I'm at ~5GB usage.


Don't have any idea how to track down the problem.

Thanks for any advice.





select * from mon$memory_usage where mon$stat_group=0;


MON$STAT_ID                     1

MON$STAT_GROUP                  0

MON$MEMORY_USED                 4570256632

MON$MEMORY_ALLOCATED            5314478080

MON$MAX_MEMORY_USED             4570448304

MON$MAX_MEMORY_ALLOCATED        5314678784


select * from mon$database;



MON$PAGE_SIZE                   8192

MON$ODS_MAJOR                   11

MON$ODS_MINOR                   2

MON$OLDEST_TRANSACTION          35186254

MON$OLDEST_ACTIVE               35186255

MON$OLDEST_SNAPSHOT             35186255

MON$NEXT_TRANSACTION            35187662

MON$PAGE_BUFFERS                16384

MON$SQL_DIALECT                 3

MON$SHUTDOWN_MODE               0

MON$SWEEP_INTERVAL              20000

MON$READ_ONLY                   0

MON$FORCED_WRITES               1

MON$RESERVE_SPACE               1

MON$CREATION_DATE               2015-04-15 08:58:37.1050

MON$PAGES                       250031

MON$STAT_ID                     1

MON$BACKUP_STATE                0


show version;

ISQL Version: WI-V2.5.4.26856 Firebird 2.5 Server version:

Firebird/x86-64/Windows NT (access method), version "WI-V2.5.4.26856 Firebird 2.5"

Firebird/x86-64/Windows NT (remote server), version "WI-V2.5.4.26856 Firebird 2.5/tcp (SV-W12-L900)/P12"

Firebird/x86-64/Windows NT (remote interface), version "WI-V2.5.4.26856 Firebird 2.5/tcp (SV-W12-L900)/P12"

on disk structure version 11.2