Subject Re: [firebird-support] Backup & Restore NOT NULL Columns
Author Hugo Eyng
Hello Thomas.

I saw Dimtry´s comment.

About the DEFAULT CLAUSE, even provided, it acts only on new rows and not on preexisting rows. Is this true?


On 26/05/2015 02:53, 'Thomas Steinmaurer' ts@... [firebird-support] wrote:


> Hello.
> 1 - I created a column NOT NUL in a table (ALTER TABLE MYTABLE ADD
> NEW_COLUMN INTEGER NOT NULL). There were already some records in the
> table. FB didn´t raise any warning or exception.
> 2 - I created a backup file from MYDB.FDB using gbak. FB didn´t raise
> any warning or exception.
> 3- I tried to restore the backup file to a new MYDB.FDB and FB raises
> and error: gbak: ERROR:validation error for column NAME, value "*** null
> ***"
> Let´s accept than the step 3 is coherent.
> So, why can I execute step 1 without troubles?
> Well, someone can tell me to use -no_validity to restore the database.
> Ok, it works. But, the column that should be NOT NULL will change,
> without warning, and I have to check my tables after restoring DB.
> I am using FB 2.5 and I tried using FB 3.0 too.
> Is it as I described or there is another way to treat this?

See Dmitry's InterBase legacy comment.

I for one would simply reject adding new NOT NULL fields on a table with data if there is no DEFAULT clause provided.

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