Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database restore speed with IBExpert and Gbak
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Hello all,
> I came across something really strange as far as restoring a Firebird database.
> if I use IBExpert(a tool from HK Software) it takes about 3 hours but if I use
> regular gbak using command line it takes 9 to 10 hours.
> I'm using Firebird 1.5. IBExpert vesion 2008.08.08
> I think I'm missing something here, any help would be appreciated,

IBExpert (usually like any other third-party tool) is running the backup through the Services API, which directly invokes/executes the backup on the server. Check out the -se switch of gbak. This should give you similar performance. Possible IBExpert also dismisses garbage collection on the source database during backup. The equivalent setting for gbak is the -g switch.

With regards,
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