Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.5 server sluggish after been up for awhile
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> we are still on FB 1.5 release, our live Database is about 50 GB. While
> using the freshly restored database, things are very fast in the
> beginning but they get slower and slower as weeks go by. We are always
> forced to do a backup/restore after 4 weeks or so.
> In the beginning we were thinking about the database itself. a Backup
> and restore would fix any speed issue but in recent days, I decided to
> stop and restart FB service without DB backup and restore. After doing
> so, everything was extremely fast as if we did a backup/restore.
> Do you think this is normal, every now and then a Firebird restart is
> needed?

That's usually related to bad client transaction management.

Once the database starts to become slow, run gstat -h on the database
and check out the transaction counters and their gaps.

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