Subject Re: [firebird-support] losing connection with server on a local PC
Author Jesus Garcia

El 12/5/2015, a las 20:56, shg_sistemas@... [firebird-support] <> escribió:


Hello! I have a Delphi app with Firebird. Everything in a single PC which is accesed via Remote Desktop by 5 or 6 users.

It worked fine for much years. But since yesterday, My app reports an error of "conection lost". I'm used to see this error when working on a local network and some PC lost the conection with the sersver. But never saw it on a local PC.

The Windows log reports this (i'm attaching the text bellow)

Do you think that I should just reinstall FB as Windows suggest? Or the problem may be another? 

Have you reviewed firebird.log?