Subject Re: [firebird-support] "Open Database xxxxx failed" Creating Odbc DSN for Firebird 1.5
Author marcus

On 09.05.2015 23:11, vrynjohns@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Trying to create an odbc DSN for a .gdb database on firebird
> 32bit. the os is windows 7 32 bit and the odbc driver is
> Firebird odbc 32bit. Database connection is successful in
> iBExpert but the connection to the firebird service manager fails when
> testing for connection in IB Expert.Odbc DSN is also failing with the
> error "Open Database xxxxxxx failed" Please help
Would it bother you to share some more informations with us?
Such as how your connection strings are lookinkg like?

A marginal note by the way: you are shurely aware of the fact that
Firebird versions up to Version 2.1 are not maintained any more.
See for more information.

A first guess for your problem: Windows Firewall.

hth, Marcus


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