Subject [firebird-support] Re: How do I uninstall Firebird on Mac Yosemite?
Author Paul Beach
I tried it out and it said the following:

Ryans-MacBook-Pro:~ ryanashton1$ ./
/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.firebird.gds.plist: Could not find specified service
Remove Framework
Remove Receipt
Remove /tmp/firebird

Then the sh file has done nearly all its job...
the comments you see above refer to the echo commands in the shell script
But I have just seen a small problem with why you still have a firebird user...

The original had the remove user/group commands commented out. Apologies.

just type the following into the terminal and hit return
sudo dscl localhost -delete /Local/Default/Users/firebird
sudo dscl localhost -delete /Local/Default/Groups/firebird

The following script is now complete.

echo "Launchctl"
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.firebird.gds.plist
echo "Clean User"
dscl localhost -delete /Local/Default/Users/firebird
echo "Clean Group"
dscl localhost -delete /Local/Default/Groups/firebird
if [ -f "/Library/StartupItems/Firebird" ]; then
echo "Remove Superserver StartupItem"
rm -fr /Library/StartupItems/Firebird
if [ -f "/Library/LaunchDemons/org.firebird.gds.plist" ]; then
echo "Remove Launchd"
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDemons/org.firebird.gds.plist
rm /Library/LaunchDemons/org.firebird.gds.plist
echo "Remove Framework"
rm -fr /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework
echo "Remove Receipt"
rm -fr /Library/Receipts/Firebird*.pkg
echo "Remove /tmp/firebird"
rm -fr /tmp/firebird