Subject Re: How do I uninstall Firebird on Mac Yosemite?
I obviously am still doing something wrong as the 'Firebird' User is still on my startup screen.

Here are the exact steps I took and there results:

1) Opened Terminal.
2) Typed 'vi'. [Enter]
3) Terminal changes it's 'view' from 'bash' at the top to 'vim' and the following text is in the new window:
echo "Launchctl"
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.firebird.gds.plist
#echo "Clean User"
#dscl localhost -delete /Local/Default/Users/firebird
#echo "Clean Group"
#dscl localhost -delete /Local/Default/Groups/firebird
if [ -f "/Library/StartupItems/Firebird" ]; then
echo "Remove Superserver StartupItem"
rm -fr /Library/StartupItems/Firebird
if [ -f "/Library/LaunchDemons/org.firebird.gds.plist" ]; then
echo "Remove Launchd"
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDemons/org.firebird.gds.plist
rm /Library/LaunchDemons/org.firebird.gds.plist
echo "Remove Framework"
rm -fr /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework
echo "Remove Receipt"
rm -fr /Library/Receipts/Firebird*.pkg
echo "Remove /tmp/firebird"
rm -fr /tmp/firebird

It seems that that is the correct text that should be in that window.  Correct?  If that is the case, then I shouldn't (didn't) paste the text again.

5) Typed ':wq' to exit vim. [Enter]
6) Typed 'chmod 777' [Enter]

Ryans-MacBook-Pro:~ ryanashton1$ chmod 777
Ryans-MacBook-Pro:~ ryanashton1$ 

7) Typed 'sudo' [Enter]

It asks for a password. I presume this is the password I use to login to my Mac?

8) Typed my password. [Enter] Then the window says this:
Ryans-MacBook-Pro:~ ryanashton1$ sudo
sudo: command not found
Ryans-MacBook-Pro:~ ryanashton1$ 

Clearly that is the reason it is not uninstalling.