Subject RE: [firebird-support] Connect via TCP and shared file parallel
Author Leyne, Sean
> The share Z:\mysharedfolder\mydb.fdb is a folder on fileserver with the
> Firebird Server itself on it. Accessing the database via myhost:mydb points to
> the same file as Z:\mysharedfolder\mydb.fdb.

The database path must use server-side local drive/path references, not shared folder paths.

So, if workstation path "Z:\mysharedfolder\" is actually "D:\FirebirdDatabase\mysharedfolder" on the server, then the database connection from the workstation must be "{ServerName}:D:\FirebirdDatabase\mysharedfolder\mydb.fdb"

If you don't want the workstations to know the physical path on the server of the database, then you should be the DB Alias feature of the alias.conf file and define "MYDB = D:\FirebirdDatabase\mysharedfolder\mydb.fdb" in which case the workstation connection would be "{ServerName}:mydb"