Subject Re: [firebird-support] Distributing/deploying Stored Procedures
Author Robert martin

I have only just noticed this thread but if you are asking about how to
deploy changes to existing Firebird database this is what we do. Its
not super fast but it deals with users who may not upgrade for a number
of versions.

1) We ship a FULL DB script capable of building a full, empty, database.
Stored procedures and all.
2) We build the new database and then PUMP the data from the existing DB
to the new DB.
3) We swap to the new DB.

We use IBObjects pump which is pretty fast and deals with fields that
don't exist in the new DB (it ignores them). The only problem is field
renames, to deal with this we leave the old field name in the script for
some time and have our app manually copy the data from the old field to
the new field. This happens very infrequently.

Not sure if its what your really wanting to know but it might help:)