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Hello again,


now I have insert an index for the first both fields, the ibexpert analysis shows me non indexed reads, why? The stored procedure also looking for two other fields.


SELECT 1 FROM rdb$database WHERE EXISTS(SELECT * FROM t_errordata WHERE kd_id = :t_timestamp

      and li_id = :i_li and ftyp = :i_ftyp and ((fnr >= :i_fnr) and (fnr <= :i_fnr + (:fanzds-1)))) INTO :idexists;


kd_id and li_id now indexed (in one index) ftyp and fnr not. The analysis said there are 1 indexed read, bevore I inserted the index there are thousends non indexed…


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Hello everybody,


I’m looking in a table for an existing record bevore I insert it. Now I would set some indices. There are 4 fields I compare… It is better I create one index with all 4 fields or for every field one?


Thank your


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