Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: ON EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE
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Given that it's going to close the connection every time, rather than
re-use it, if I'm wanting to do this hundreds or thousands of times from
> within a single stored procedure call in database A, will the overhead
of reconnecting to database B hundreds or thousands of times mean that
using WITH AUTONOMOUS TRANSACTION is likely to be an impractical design
in performance terms? How many hundreds or thousands of times per second
can a connection be set up and torn down?

a) if you really need to run hundreds or thousands queries per second against external
database i'd say you have a problems with design\architecture, sorry

b) you still don't read docs carefully: just run any query against external db using COMMON
transaction and all your subsequent external queries against same external db will use the
same external connection (for both COMMON and AUTONOMOUS tx). Until local transaction
alive, of course.


PS Real pooling of external connections could be implemented in fb3, but no promise so far