Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Speed issues
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>I am having similar issues. Are there any resources to read up on this?

What do you mean by "similar issues", Louis? Zoran first showed us his SQL and plan, so that we more or less could see that his SQL, plan and indexes seemed good (that's arguably the most common reason for speed problems). Unfortunately I don't know of any generally good resources for fixing speed issues with Firebird (excepting this list and sometimes firebird-devel, possibly The Firebird book by Helen Borrie can have some tips as well, I don't know), and I doubt there exist any good resources focusing particularly on speed problems with big tables (whereas I cannot rule out there could exist some good resources for more general speed problems).

I never answered Zorans question since I've no experience with tables with more than 100 million rows and Seans answers seemed sensible. I noticed two things that they haven't discussed (but that I don't know how relevant would be) and that is that we haven't seen the DDL of his tables (wondering whether any of the tables involved have lots of fields or large CHAR and VARCHAR fields that could affect performance) and that we don't know how many rows would be returned from the same query if DISTINCT was removed.